Electric fence COC's

We also do inspections on electric fences and issue Certificates of Compliance as per the SANS 10222-3 regulations. As most people should know is that there is certain regulations that all electric fences should comply to just like the electricity in your house. When you buy a new house or sell and old one that has an electric fence it needs to be certified. When an electric fence is installed it needs to have a COC (Certificate of Compliance).  Have your fence looked at by us to make sure it is up to code, before the law does it.

Freestanding electric fences

A freestanding electric fence is the perfect security system for farms where a big part of it needs to be secured from trespassers that walk around. It stops the free roaming of criminals and gives you the early warning that is needed to prepare yourself should anyone try and enter the secured area.

Wall-top electric fences

What a perfect way to keep the criminal entity at bay at your business and at home. Alarm systems warn you when the criminal has already entered your residence or business. An electric fence system on your perimeter will keep him at bay, but if he tries to enter, the system will warn you before he gets to any of your assets or loved ones. 

Betafence systems

From medium to high security, home or business. Creates a barrier fence in various finishes and styles. Long waranty and great product support. Nice looking fence used at golf courses, sports fields, businesses, homes and various other places. 

Palisade and Tube fencing

Made the way you want it for any application you desire. Great strong barrier that is pleasing to the eye. Available in many finishes and can be painted in almost any colour you desire.  

Cupboards and Closets

Tell us what you need in the home or business. We help with ideas and put it all together in a great plan. Then we build you the best closets or kitchen cupboards that you always dreamed about. many different styles, shades, colours, patterns and designs to chose from. Make it you own. 

Paving and Tiling

Paving is becoming more and more popular in our country and we do a wide variety of it. Many different colours and shapes available. From removing whatever might be there no to a completed good looking and long lasting job. 

We also use the best tilers and products. You choose the tile you like and we put it in with good products and a perfect finnish.

Plumbing and electrical

From small to large we do it all. A leaking tap or a broken plug to an entire house, we can do it.  Water filtration systems, irrigation systems, drinking water systems and many more. From design to installation.

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